Welcome to the start of a year of training in the hope of PB’ing at IM Copenhagen in August 2014. It will be a long process (about a year really 🙂 ) but one I hope to improve gradually and stay injury free, make sure I get quality time with the family and balance a reasonably hectic job.

This is also the first time I have been self coached for around 6 or so years, after Kona 2009 I decided to have a break and my long time coach Lawrence Oldershaw and I parted company while I took a year off with the family in 2010. Then in 2011 I decided to come back to training and started working with Simon Ward. A stark reminder at IM Wales 2011 that qualifying wasn’t easy as rocking up, meant another year of hard work towards IMUK 2012 where I qualified again.

I have since then taken from October 2012 to August 2013 off serious training, worked a little to complete Bala Middle Distance this year, which hurt a lot on minimal training. Having this year off with the birth of our second child meant we have spent a lot of time together as a family, now I think the time has come, Kelly has had enough and she wants me out of the house training again 🙂

With me doing my own training plans I have used the next 3 months to get back up to some sort of fitness, building up over the last 3 weeks to enable me to jump into some sort of structured plan without killing my ego and getting injured.

Week one is here.

I have decided to use a number of training structures rolled into one to get the most out of the week whilst dialing back some of the more intense activities at least for now while I concentrate on all 3 disciplines. For my running I am using an adapted version of the 18 week FURMAN institute running plan. For the bike, I have a Computrainer and although love getting out at the weekends, if its not possible I will be using this a lot. For the moment I will be adding the ‘PIG’ (performance improvement plan) to the running. Once I have added 3 swims and a couple of gym strength sessions, I have the basis of a solid week with a bit of structure. I will be going in to the different types of plans at a later date but for now the weekly plan shows the weeks structure.




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