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Training, Plans and IM Copenhagen 2014...

Welcome to the start of a year of training in the hope of PB’ing at IM Copenhagen in August 2014. It will be a long process (about a year really 🙂 ) but one I hope to improve gradually and stay injury free, make sure I get quality time with the family and balance a reasonably hectic job. This is also the first time I have been self coached for around 6 or so years, after Kona 2009 I decided to have a break and my long time coach Lawrence Oldershaw and I parted company while I took a year off with the family in 2010. Then in 2011 I decided to come back to training and started...

Training,  Plans and IM Copenhagen 2014
posted on: Sep 15, 2013 | author: admin

New season, new coach, new plans.

New Season – Winter ! Its the time of year a lot of athletes dread, getting out of bed early in the morning, cold, wet, snow, ice and darkness. Getting your head around the fact that you are going to wake up to this for the next 2 months will make it easier to train, I find it so much easier to get everything ready the night before, no excuses when you are tired if your bag is packed and ready for the pool. Just keep telling yourself, the athletes that you are trying to compete against are probably already up and you just lost an hour, see how that plays with your mind 🙂 It doesn’t help...

New season, new coach, new plans.
posted on: Dec 6, 2011 | author: admin

Why a Computrainer ? A mini review

I said to myself I wouldn’t ‘sell’ the Computrainer and I still hold that in a little reserve but something I read this week has prompted me to write this, one of the reasons I hadn’t owned one up to now was buying it outright was outside my budget or justification to my partner, I would have preferred the option of interest free credit, it has never been offered – until now !! Don’t misunderstand, as I said, I am not here to ‘sell’ the CT, they sell themselves and its Simon’s job anyway, my aim was to use it, tweet and blog about it and hopefully encourage a few to buy one because of the results or...

posted on: Aug 20, 2011 | author: admin

Mid season Update

After a lovely weekend in Euro Disney its back to the training and with the countdown to Wales hitting 5 weeks and moving swiftly downwards its a serious part of the season. Euro Disney was a great distraction from work and training and was for Kellys birthday, If there is anything I have learned over the last few years, the partner buy in is the most important part of your season and it doesn’t stop just because they said yes to you entering and training for the race, so a bit of lactic pain after a few days off is the least I could put up with. Ironman Wales is on the 11th September and this provides me...

posted on: Aug 8, 2011 | author: admin

Computrainer – The first 20 weeks...

Firstly apologies for my tardiness, I got married 2 weeks ago abroad and its been a lovely few weeks off but my final CP20 test was done just before we went and I haven’t had time to blog. RECAP In December I won a competition to be the amateur face of ‘Computrainer’ in the UK, the competition was also run in the US and my counterpart across the pond is Maria Simone, her blog is here, she is more of a blogger than I will ever be but I am trying not to be completely overshadowed lol.!Since then I have using the Computrainer to help improve my cycling (and ultimately triathlon) and then blog about it. My main...

posted on: Jun 22, 2011 | author: admin

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