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Ironman World Championships Race Report – Part 2...

Kona 2019 – World Ironman Championships – continued So with the swim and transition 1 done and dusted its time to get out on the bike. If you missed part 1 – have a catch up here. Bike The bike route starts off pretty technical, 7 miles around town up and down Palani Hill before we get out onto the Queen K highway, once I exited the chute it was a short climb up the lower part of Palani and turn left for the first town loop, I got into my aero position early to make sure everything was working. Immediately I was in panic mode, my gears weren’t working, or more specifically my rear derailleur wasn’t working...

Ironman World Championships Race Report – Part 2
posted on: Nov 2, 2018 | author: admin

Ironman World Championships Race Report – Part 1...

Kona 2019 – World Ironman Championships The road to Kona has been well planned in our house for the last few years but as explained below the best laid plans don’t always conform to your expectations when racing an Ironman. In 2016 we decided as a family (yes, really !) that if I could qualify for the 2017 championships we would go for Kelly’s 40th birthday year. The plan was to combine the race in Hawaii and then spend time in Disney afterwards and make it a holiday to remember. I chose Mallorca as the qualification race, after doing so well in UK earlier in the year I was confident, I had also turned down a slot at...

Ironman World Championships Race Report – Part 1
posted on: Oct 31, 2018 | author: admin

Kona baby – T minus 4 days

Tuesday on the island used to be the last day for quiet but as its already pretty busy here we just decided to throw ourselves in again. A bit of training to start the day, few intervals out towards Captain Cooks, there are pretty much no flat areas around here, it is after on the side of a few volcanoes, so the ride out was all uphill, the ride back all down. 51mph on a road I didn’t know was pretty good but given the circumstances and wanting to save myself for race day I eased back a little on trying to go any faster.  Then we were off to the beach, we hadn’t really done much research...

Kona baby – T minus 4 days
posted on: Oct 11, 2018 | author: admin

Kona baby – T minus 5 days.

There are 2 noticeable changes this year. Firstly, how damned expensive everything is, getting here wasn’t cheap but eating, shopping and just in general with our exchange rate its a bit bonkers, so we are on dust and dripping when we get home :-). Secondly, the amount of people already on the island, 2012 it didn’t get this busy until the Wednesday of race week but the place is already rammed. Ali’i drive is packed, the pier is packed, the restaurants are packed, it makes for a few sensible choices around food and times to get into town but thankfully we are all here for one thing and seem to be moving in the same direction which helps...

posted on: Oct 9, 2018 | author: admin

Kona baby – T minus 10 days !

I make no apologies for popping up for my first blog in nearly 10 months with 10 days to go to Kona, I have tried to pen a few times in the last few months but there has always been something in the way, work, family, zoning out in front of the TV. Even now I am in bed after a 9pm turbo session and trying to eek the last hour out of the day. What is keeping me going is the thought that in 10 days I will be on the pier in Kona (below), lining up for the start of one of the most important races in the triathlon calendar. With nearly 1800 of the worlds...

Kona baby – T minus 10 days !
posted on: Oct 3, 2018 | author: admin

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