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2:59:59 marathon – Anything is possible ! Isn’t it ?...

Over the last 17 years I have run 21 marathons, 18 of them in ironman (long distance triathlon) races as the 3rd leg, the remaining 3 were standalone. My first in London I did just to see if I could do an ironman race, I was actually faster in the triathlon 3 months later than I was at London ! Marathons on their own are HARD ! and they hurt for longer afterwards. I am not sure I can say I ‘enjoy’ running marathons but it is a massive buzz to cross the finish line of any race and marathons are epic. My times have certainly varied, PB’s are 3hrs 12mins for the standalone to 3hrs 21mins in an ironman, I...

2:59:59 marathon – Anything is possible ! Isn’t it ?
posted on: Jan 21, 2017 | author: admin

Norseman – Race Tips

NORSEMAN NOTES 2005/2006 Authors : Andy Bass/Nick Rose   GENERAL STUFF These notes are a meant as a guide to racing the Norseman. They are a mixture of two years of racing the Norseman, 2005 from the eyes of Nick Rose and 2006 from the eyes of Andy Bass. They are just a few personal thoughts, advice and tips while the memory of the race is still fresh. First off, we both agree that the 12 IM’s between us this is the one that will be a dying memory. It is more a mini-adventure race than an ‘Ironman’ (won’t use the word again!) and more like a swim-bike-run-walk due to the colossal and somewhat bizarre 17KM climb that...

posted on: Oct 1, 2006 | author: admin

Race Report – Norseman 2005

Norseman 2005 The race pictures are here We set off Wednesday 3rd August on our epic journey, lots had been made of this race, the hardest Iron Distance race in the world ! was one of the boasts. In 4 days time I would find out. I travelled with my support crew which was mandatory and who also happened to be my girlfriend Kelly. Also in our party was Nick Campbell from Chester Tri and Tom his mate and support crew. We decided to drive from the airport at Gardermoen to Rjukan which was the start of the climbing section of the marathon leg. This would mean we could drive the whole of the route backwards checking out...

Race Report – Norseman 2005
posted on: Aug 30, 2005 | author: admin

Norseman 2005 – Photos

Norseman Extreme Triathlon 2005 –...

Norseman 2005 – Photos
posted on: Aug 28, 2005 | author: admin

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