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Race Report – IM Hawaii – 2012...

Race Report – IM World Championships Kona – 2012 The photos are all here The dust has been settling for a few weeks now and I am still harking back to the race, Kona is still the single most exciting race I have ever done, twice now, its something I will never forget. I’ve found a YouTube video of Ironman in Hawaii that I thought I would share, its not from the 2012 race but a few years ago. For those that don’t race it *may* put across a little of why myself and thousands of others do this, you’ll probably think we are still bonkers but at least you will have some sympathy for the obsession 🙂...

Race Report – IM Hawaii – 2012
posted on: Nov 25, 2012 | author: admin

Race Report – Challenge Roth 2008...

Well seeing as I have a blog and I look at others I thought I better start using it, bit late I know as most of the build up to the race should be logged here but I store info in so many places I am sometimes not able to keep up with myself !!Anyway, below is a LONG race report for the Roth race.Preamble I have just finished reading Candy’s Arizona report for some inspiration but was crying so much that I couldn’t see so I had to stop, this one is more like Smiffy’s epic Norseman than one of Candy’s comedy’s but hey I have never been any different, so apologies once again in advance. I’d...

Race Report – Challenge Roth 2008
posted on: Jul 19, 2008 | author: admin

Race Report – IM Frankfurt 2006

IM Germany 2006 Frankfurt – European Championships. The journey to Frankfurt started many moons ago with entry, hotels, flight booking and forum threads but the ‘keeping it real’ journey was on the Wednesday before the race, I was travelling with Kelly and 3 guys from Chester Tri to Cologne by airline and catching 3 trains to Frankfurt. To know how much time I spend trying to find the best routes, cheapest ‘good’ hotels etc means that to have discarded everything in favour of travelling Easyjet because of the great bike carriage deal is to know how much of a let down it was to me 2 minutes after we arrived at the check in desk. The problems started...

Race Report – IM Frankfurt 2006
posted on: Jul 20, 2006 | author: admin

Race Report – IM France 2005

Ironman France 2005-06-19 The photos are all here The first thing that hit me as we landed in Nice was how hot it was, it was only Thursday at 10.30am and it was already close to 30degrees. The temperature was supposed to be building for the weekend so heat was going to be an issue from the start. The transfer system to the hotel from the airport was pretty painless, 4 € to the rail station and a short walk. The Chester party had been gathering momentum all week from the Monday and by today there was already most of the contingent of 15 in Nice. The supporters with ties to individual athletes were here already and we...

posted on: Jun 30, 2005 | author: admin

Race Report – IM Austria 2004

IM Austria ‘04 Pictures are all here I was travelling with Nick Campbell and Lisa(his wife) for this one and we hadn’t actually met until 2 weeks before for a ride out to Audlem, needn’t have worried, we’re triathletes after all, get on with anyone. Simon Mac was going to make it under his own steam. We had managed to avoid all the carnage of the previous 4 months heartache with Ryanair by deciding to travel to Slovenia with Easyjet landing at Llubjana(sp?). Free carriage for bike and only an hour from the race by hire car it turned out to be the best option after listening to some of the horror stories in Klagenfurt from Ryanair transport....

posted on: Jul 30, 2004 | author: admin

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