Why do I do this ?

Welcome to my blog. This is still after 3 or 4 years a new experience in WordPress for me, I have had a Blogger site for many years on this site, http://nickrose33.blogspot.co.uk/ although it covered what I wanted to blog about for just triathlon it didn’t allow me to seperate the different type of things I like to talk about.

The aim of the site is to blog about races I have done and maybe give some insight to others how I race, I can come across a little too analytical but that’s how I like to race, I am sure at some point a good ironman will be found using no data whatsoever and leaving all Garmins at home, not sure when at the cost they are currently I would suggest winging it is a risk that most cant afford.

I currently have 18 iron distance triathlons under my belt and quite a few halves including 12 IRONMAN branded races. I love triathlon, long course to be more exact, be it WTC or just iron-distance I don’t care. After a few years of trying I earned the chance to go to Hawaii and test myself amongst the best in the world and it was a wonderful experience, I have since qualified again and it didn’t change my expectations or excitement, this time was more of a family experience though.

I also have a number of great sponsors, please click through their links if you want to check them out.

BIKMO Bike Insurance, cant have enough cover for your bikes, they cover training, racing, kit, travel , bikes, clothing, bike boxes and race entry insurance, all in one package and specialise in multi bike policies, please check them out.

Xendurance, these guys fully sponsor a number of pro triathletes and have their expert grips into CrossFit as well. I use the Xendurance tablets, Immune Boost and Fuel 5 for racing. The Fuel 5 is like rocket fuel and tastes a lot better than all of the sweeter energy drinks I have used in the last 10 years.

In terms of my challenge, I have a great family dynamic, my wife is extremely supportive but having a challenging job and 2 children to work into your day means that triathlon is a distant 3rd in the grand scheme of things. IRONMAN is one of the hardest things to train for and race in especially when you can’t afford to be selfish with wife/2 children. To be competitive in my age-group I need to get creative, hence turbo at 11pm at night, no one feels sorry for me so its just how it gets done.

My PB for IM is 9.22, I may struggle over the next 4-5 years to beat that and if I decide to do another quick race it will be for that purpose alone, qualification going forward will have to be selective and doing it on a speedy EU course wont be the clever thing to do.

I will aim to be as honest as possible and cover all aspects of what I think may be useful or interesting to read.