4313tng_littleshot_grey_nwWhen I asked the guys at 2pure to send me something to help me hydrate I was looking for more than just another drinking vessel. What I received was the Nathan Littleshot drinks bottle.

First thing that struck me was how good it looked, not a pre requisite for a drinking bottle but I wanted something that was going to encourage me to use it regularly.

Just because I participate in a lot of sport doesn’t necessarily mean I do everything I should to optimise my nutritional intake on a daily basis. Drinking enough water is one of those things I certainly didn’t do enough of. With the handy measurements printed on the side of the bottle I can now see exactly how much I am drinking.

After a month of use I am proud to say this has changed remarkably. The bottle hasn’t left my side. The main reason other than how good it looks is its easy to carry around, the bottle size is perfect for grip and if you already have your hands full it has a handy tethered loop from the neck to the sip friendly narrow drinking spout that fits around a free finger.

I must say I have used this primarily as a day to day use bottle in the office and whenever I am out in the car, its also great for walking or hiking which I have done a lot of on a recent holiday, however, it’s not ideal during strenuous exercise as the bottle is hard plastic and can’t be squeezed to empty contents, I have used on a few treadmill runs but a standard bike bottle would be better for this as there is no way to suck the contents out, you have to wait for it to pour out freely.

Hygiene is key and this features all of the tricks to ensure no nasties are left lingering. The Littleshot is dishwasher proof, has a removable silicone spout on the mouth piece and a wide mouth lid for easy cleaning. This also means filling it with ice on hot days or pieces of fruit to give an added taste to your drink is possible.

My tastebuds have also been treated to just the contents of the bottle and not what it’s made of due to being comprised of BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ with odourless and tasteless technology. This is something I’ve struggled with when trying metal bottles and my well used bike bottles. Having a tinny aftertaste or the remnants of the previous drink sour the taste puts me off spending good money on these types of alternatives.

There is an option to Mix and match coloured nozzles for personal touch which my daughters found highly attractive as one of the colours called Sparkling Cosmo is close enough to pink for it to count, an order will be imminent for 2 of those. It also comes with the Nathan mixer ball for ensuring your after exercise protein shakes are well dissolved. At a handy 750ml/24oz capacity it has covered all of my needs on a daily basis and with no discernible degradation on the graphics or seals I will be using this for some time.

For availability check out the Facebook page for 2pure and give them a like here.

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