IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships 2023

Lahti Finland Day 2

IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships 2023

Lahti Finland Day 2

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Bike Testing and general faffing

Friday was the last chance to check the bike and get out onto the course, the family managed to get themselves out only 30 minutes late, those that know us will understand this is a win ! and yes its annoying for all involved. I had already said to Rob, i’ll let you know when we are just about in town and you won’t be waiting around.

We stood around talking triathlon crap for a while and the girls decided to meet in town. We got changed and rocked out onto the bike course.

The 56 mile course is one loop, clockwise, rolling in nature picking up around 600-700m elevation (the IRONMAN image said 400 ish but they are known to get this wrong pretty much 100% of the time 🙂

Fulgaz Bike Course

We decided going the wrong way around the course and checking out the larger climbs was a better idea, 45 mins later, bike done, felt good about the bike set up, the roads are amazing and at the end of the day, sticking to power numbers on this course will likely be faster than most courses I have ridden this year its that good.

The sun was shining, the temps were perfect, life was good today.

I had booked a massage at 1pm so set off for that ready to meet every at around 2:30. 

Checking out Swim Course

The swim was well set out and the buoys were all marked with numbers from 1-19, each 100m, thats what we pay the big bucks for ! That will help on race day. The T1 transition was at the end of the course, this was effectively a one way swim starting on one jetty and getting out further down the lake, all looked pretty easy to navigate, we also checked out T1 as most of the women had already racked at this point due to them starting in the next morning.

Few pictures of the swim exit and it was time to head off, it had been another long day and tomorrow was the womens race, supporting can sometimes be harder than racing on the body. Plus the girls were getting tired and needed to chill out back at the house, sauna sounded like a great idea. 

Random Shots towards the end of the day

Sauna and famous athlete spotting 😁