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Reflection and anticipation

With a clear month since IM wales a lot has been going on. Not so much on the training front as this is normally my time off to recover from the year and relax with family and historically a few days of golf abroad. The golfing trip to Portugal was a fantastic break (the golf wasn’t stellar but the craic was !) with some great friends with only one disappointment of the week, nobody knew it on tour but Saturday night was a little sad for me, the Ironman World Championships were being played out on the other side of the planet while I drunk the night away in an Irish bar in Vilamoura, I never even knew...

posted on: Oct 20, 2011 | author: admin

Race Report – IM Wales 2011

Race report IM Wales 2011 Swim56:44 T1 + 1k run 10:06 Bike 5:55:52 T203:53 Run 3:22:19 Finish time10:28:51 Overall position – 65 of 1134 finishers (1287 starters) Age Group (M40-44) Position – 10 of 246 After the surprise announcement of the new IM Wales race my decision to try to qualify at a race that has a slot for the following year took a different direction. Prior to this I was looking at going to either IM Arizona or IM Cozumel, the discussions now centred around why we would do this if I could jump in a car and travel 5 hours and race on home soil. The course looked a challenge, the earlier test event in June...

Race Report – IM Wales 2011
posted on: Sep 17, 2011 | author: admin

Race Report – Trentham Middle 2011...

The ‘Gatorade’ Big Half is nestled in the Trentham Estate near Stoke and fitted in nicely in my build up training for IM Wales in September. After the Swashbuckler in May I needed to use another half iron distance race to seek out any improvements and keep myself on a consistant path to the ‘A’ race. Myself and Dan had decided to check out the course the weekend before, it nailed a 60 miler and also meant I got a heads up, talk about a surprise, I was led to believe this was a flat fast course, looks like they changed it due primarily to the issues with traffic lights but maybe due to the negative feedback I...

Race Report – Trentham Middle 2011
posted on: Jul 13, 2011 | author: admin

Race Report – Swashbuckler Middle 2011...

My approach to this race wasn’t a classic, well maybe a Rosey classic but I wouldn’t recommend the buildup. The last month saw a great volume of training, with Fudge Packer camp well and truely over and the following week a natural down week I decided on the Tuesday before the Swashbuckler to hit a local race series in Bedford and do their 6 miler instead of a steady 45 mins planned. Officially I was clocked at 39.03 but my watch had the important bit, 38.56. I felt good but my calves were still tight after every run I was doing and I needed to stretch out a bit more. The rest of the week consisted of spinning,...

Race Report – Swashbuckler Middle 2011
posted on: May 25, 2011 | author: admin

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