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Gent 6 Day 2013

We are back from this awesome event, 2nd time for us and 1st for our friends. The verdict – Still awesome !! This is mainly an update to this blog Gent 6 Day 2011 as a few travel things have changed, if you want to read about the event, pop to the 2011 entry, that hasn’t changed. Its still beer, cycling, food, great fun, oh and more beer. Ryanair again, flight price = £60 per couple RETURN Train fare from the Airport in Charleroi to Gent St Pieters = 40Euros each (round trip – more on this later) Hotel 2 nights at the De Flandre = £158 room only (more on the room only bit later too !!)...

Gent 6 Day 2013
posted on: Dec 5, 2013 | author: admin

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