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Race Report – IMUK 2012

IMUK 2012 Race Report Preamble In times of austerity what better way to save a bit of money than to go back to your local race. No travel expense, roll out of bed race morning, less than an hour to the start and be ready to go with little fuss. Also, having a sponsor pay your place is always a bonus and push in the right direction, so to Phil at I appreciate all of your support over the last 12 months mate, thank-you. IMUK is based in the North West of the UK and with the swim location just 7 miles from me and the main bike route loop less than 20 miles away I’m in a great...

Race Report – IMUK 2012
posted on: Jul 26, 2012 | author: admin

Race Report – IMUK 2009

Ironman UK – Bolton 2nd August 2009 Race report Swim – 1:07:21 T1: Swim-to-Bike – 5:11 Bike – 5:35:53 T2: Bike-to-Run – 4:21 Run – 3:21:53 Finish time – 10:14:40 Overall position – 33 of 1370 Age Group (35-39) Position – 6 of 254 Pre Race Firstly lets get the bags of sand out of the way, I have even had this from Kelly because I played this year down, we (Kelly) had our baby daughter 15 weeks ago, a lot of people said to me at the time, ‘Oh that’ll be the end of the training for IM, responsibility is the baby now’, Well, at the start, not really, the baby was in a good routine so...

Race Report – IMUK 2009
posted on: Aug 13, 2009 | author: admin

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