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Top 10 Safety and Security Tips from Bikmo Plus...

  Top 10 Safety & Security tips from Bikmo Plus for us triathletes    Transition area security – most transition areas won’t be manned 24/7 and you can’t lock your bike up (it plays havoc with fast transition times) . If you’re concerned then check that the event organiser has some monitoring in place, and if you’re insured then check your policy covers transition areas.      Keep your bike safe at home! Out of harms way, lock in your garage and make sure you’ve got the right locks, if you need them. Bikmo Plus have put together a guide to securing your bike in your garage effectively.    Be bright. Everyone likes to look cool and black but when...

Top 10 Safety and Security Tips from Bikmo Plus
posted on: Jun 9, 2015 | author: admin

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