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Easter Weekend Madness.

So the plans for a nice weekend of riding as much as I can over the weekend is upon me and the plan is to do the longest ride I have ever done in a single day. <br /><br />Ride to my mums in Bridlington from Warrington, its a grand total of 236km if I stick to the route but if the main roads get a bit hairy I will have to zig zag a bit, as long as I keep heading east I reckon I should be OK.<br /><br />Below is the route and elevation, if anyone finds a cyclist passed out along that route in Chester Tri top that could be me, just feed me jelly...

posted on: Apr 21, 2011 | author: admin

March Maintenance

I come to you a slightly disappointed bunny, the month of March has not been the most consistent, illness and a rather full on effort at a stag do meant my month was somewhat interupted.<br /><br />My hours for February stacked up at a reasonably consistant 47 hours, for me, an average of 12 a week is about right, I tend to do the right stuff and not pad out with volume, something I will hope to do over April with the better weather but this is good early volume. March took a hit, I was ill for a week and a half and this knocked 10 hours off the previous month and took me a good week...

posted on: Apr 1, 2011 | author: admin

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