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Why a Computrainer ? A mini review

I said to myself I wouldn’t ‘sell’ the Computrainer and I still hold that in a little reserve but something I read this week has prompted me to write this, one of the reasons I hadn’t owned one up to now was buying it outright was outside my budget or justification to my partner, I would have preferred the option of interest free credit, it has never been offered – until now !! Don’t misunderstand, as I said, I am not here to ‘sell’ the CT, they sell themselves and its Simon’s job anyway, my aim was to use it, tweet and blog about it and hopefully encourage a few to buy one because of the results or...

posted on: Aug 20, 2011 | author: admin

Mid season Update

After a lovely weekend in Euro Disney its back to the training and with the countdown to Wales hitting 5 weeks and moving swiftly downwards its a serious part of the season. Euro Disney was a great distraction from work and training and was for Kellys birthday, If there is anything I have learned over the last few years, the partner buy in is the most important part of your season and it doesn’t stop just because they said yes to you entering and training for the race, so a bit of lactic pain after a few days off is the least I could put up with. Ironman Wales is on the 11th September and this provides me...

posted on: Aug 8, 2011 | author: admin

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