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Review : Newton Gravity IV & Motion IV...

  When Newton introduced the version III of the Motion and Gravity shoes they were the first versions to utilise the Point of Power (POP) five lug system. The shoe had what is designated POP1, which is the “Dynamic and Power Packed” version – in other words the quicker version.  It’s therefore no surprise with the POP platform only being recently launched that this remains unchanged in the version IV and all enhancements are in the shoe’s upper. These changes are more than changing one vivid colour for another and a slight detailing update. In the version III of these shoes there was some criticism around the breathability of the upper the location of seams through utilising different...

Review : Newton Gravity IV & Motion IV
posted on: Feb 5, 2015 | author: admin

Cycle Insurance – Do I need it ?...

If you own a bike or two, the value is over £1000 and you train with others, then the answer is likely to be yes. Add in racing, travelling with your bike and a few gadgets and the answer starts to get a little clearer. When I was asked last year to be an Ambassador for, a new cycling insurance company I was interested but I wanted to know it was going to benefit my particular sport and something I could honestly put my name to. As a triathlete and cyclist I certainly have more interesting areas to keep myself occupied, lets face it, bike insurance is boring, the question is, do I need it ? I know my sport can be an expensive one...

Cycle Insurance – Do I need it ?
posted on: Jan 25, 2015 | author: admin

Review : GlycoSource Recovery Mix

GlycoSource has been developed as a brand for company Science Fitness in partnership with the well-known Leeds Carnegie Institute for Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure at Leeds Metropolitan University. The product claims to reduce the carbohydrate levels in your drink by 44% but at the same time replacing glycogen 30% faster than using pure carbohydrate. This in turn has been proven to increase glycogen in the muscles and the liver. With Sport Fitness claiming this as a ‘revolutionary’ new product to the market it may take a while to catch on even with those claims, however, with nutrition in sport a key factor in performance both in training and racing it won’t be long if the claims are...

Review : GlycoSource Recovery Mix
posted on: Sep 26, 2014 | author: admin

Review : HUMA CHIA Energy Gel

I hadn’t heard of HUMA gels prior to this test which is a little surprising as they have been around since 2012. After a bit of reading I discovered the inspiration for the creation of the brand came from a US soldier working in Iraq. After reading a book on the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico he discovered that they used natural chia seed blend as fuel during 100+ mile endurance running events. He worked out that if he could harness this into a marketable product he might have something. The Huma brand was born. I decided to use the gels in a half marathon, not something I would normally need in a race this short but a protocol...

Review : HUMA CHIA Energy Gel
posted on: Sep 24, 2014 | author: admin

Review : TYR Convoy Elite Transition Backpack...

TYR Convoy Elite Transition Backpack – A triathlete’s view. With a triathletes need to transport three sets of kit to races on a regular basis, having a bag that can do this and provide separation for all of the disciplines would help to simplify an already stressful situation. TYR have answered this call with the Convoy Elite Transition Backpack. With a large 30 x 15 x 15in storage area separated by 3 internal mesh dividers it conveniently stores all of your kit so that you know where to find everything based on the swim, bike and run elements. The backpack is designed to open up like a tool chest, presenting all of your gear to you in easy...

Review : TYR Convoy Elite Transition Backpack
posted on: Sep 22, 2014 | author: admin

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