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Training Review Week 30/09/13

Another attempt to hit the whole week was ruined by work early in the week. Good end to the week with another 3 hour ride in the bank, felt better but failed to do any running, I am hopeful this will come together once I sort out my weekly format. I am trying a few other things and changing my day away in Northampton so that will mean a little  bit more...

Training Review Week 30/09/13
posted on: Sep 30, 2013 | author: admin

Training Review Week 23/09/13

I already knew I was going to struggle to complete a full week as still feeling unwell but I wanted to run the plan as it stood then I could pick and choose the sessions I wanted on the days I felt better. It doesn’t make me feel any better to see red but I also don’t want to hide from it.   The long bike on the Sunday is still making me stronger I feel but as you can see the extra 30 mins meant I never got the run in as it was family time when I got home.  ...

Training Review Week 23/09/13
posted on: Sep 23, 2013 | author: admin

Training Review Week 16/09/13

Baby steps. OMG, my first week trying to get back didn’t go so well, the charts show my week that I planned and the colour coding tells the sorry story. RED is bad, yellow is either over or under the planned time, so this can be construed as bad all of the time but if I plan a 2 hour ride and do 3 I will take it. Green are the completed sessions to within 10% of planned times. As you can see I trained on the Monday but doing this with a sore throat didn’t go as well for me for the rest of the week. By Tuesday I was completely bunged up and suffering the usual...

Training Review Week 16/09/13
posted on: Sep 16, 2013 | author: admin

Training, Plans and IM Copenhagen 2014...

Welcome to the start of a year of training in the hope of PB’ing at IM Copenhagen in August 2014. It will be a long process (about a year really 🙂 ) but one I hope to improve gradually and stay injury free, make sure I get quality time with the family and balance a reasonably hectic job. This is also the first time I have been self coached for around 6 or so years, after Kona 2009 I decided to have a break and my long time coach Lawrence Oldershaw and I parted company while I took a year off with the family in 2010. Then in 2011 I decided to come back to training and started...

Training,  Plans and IM Copenhagen 2014
posted on: Sep 15, 2013 | author: admin

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