Baby steps.
OMG, my first week trying to get back didn’t go so well, the charts show my week that I planned and the colour coding tells the sorry story. RED is bad, yellow is either over or under the planned time, so this can be construed as bad all of the time but if I plan a 2 hour ride and do 3 I will take it. Green are the completed sessions to within 10% of planned times.
As you can see I trained on the Monday but doing this with a sore throat didn’t go as well for me for the rest of the week. By Tuesday I was completely bunged up and suffering the usual ‘just started training’ lurgee !!
I had to take the whole week off  until the Sunday when I decided to go out for a 3 hour ride to test the legs and chest, I suffered a little early on but sat in the group for a while. I am sure if I was in full swing I may have tried to push through but after getting to this end of the week I know that would have been a mistake.
Its now Sunday and I am still not free of symptoms so it might take til the middle of the week to get started properly but I have moved this week to next so I can redo it without upping anything too quickly.


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