Its been a while since my last blog post, I am not the most regular but its not normally this long, I haven’t raced much early on with my A race coming in the next 4 weeks at Florida I have been focused on work and training, none of which is interesting to anyone but me really.

So why post now, I will post in the build up to Florida but quite frankly this week, no-one gives a toss about anything except KONA baby !! Its basically the most watched and most anticipated race of the year on the ironman calendar.


Kona Pier

For those that don’t know, this weekend on Saturday 14th October the IRONMAN World Championships will be held on the Hawaiian island of Kona. This has been running for 39 years this year and there is more and more excitement each year.

We wont be there on the island, I am hoping next year, but I will be glued to the tv this weekend, for those that want to watch live its being streamed on Red Bull TV here KONA Live Viewing

In the build up you can also catch interviews on the pros by Bob Babbitt, hes been synonymous with the race from the early years and pretty much gets everybody on his show for a run down of how they are feeling and how its gonna pan out on the day. His Facebook page is here

So with 3 and 1/2  weeks to go to IM Florida my main concern is getting a front row seat in my own lounge for the tv at 5pm on Saturday this weekend.

So you know where I’ll be, watching KONA BABY !!! and wishing I was right there !!


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