Top 10 Safety & Security tips from Bikmo Plus for us triathletes

Bikmo Icon Black 400px   Transition area security – most transition areas won’t be manned 24/7 and you can’t lock your bike up (it plays havoc with fast transition times) . If you’re concerned then check that the event organiser has some monitoring in place, and if you’re insured then check your policy covers transition areas.



Bikmo Icon Black 400px   Keep your bike safe at home! Out of harms way, lock in your garage and make sure you’ve got the right locks, if you need them. Bikmo Plus have put together a guide to securing your bike in your garage effectively.

Bikmo Icon Black 400px   Be bright. Everyone likes to look cool and black but when you’re training over winter, make sure that you’re seen. Lights / clothing / reflective strips

Bikmo Icon Black 400px   Pre-race checks. Brakes, tyres, gears and the rest. Do your maintenance and make sure to go for a ride before your event so you don’t get a nasty shock once you transition out of the swim. Take a reasonable tool kit and pump to the race for any last minute adjustments

Check out this video by Global Cycling Network for more information

Bikmo Icon Black 400px   Don’t lock your bike like a lemon. We’ve all seen the idiots locking their front wheel, only to have the rest of the bike nicked when the quick release is undone.


Bikmo Icon Black 400px   Whether you’re training in Majorca or got a ticket for Hawaii, make sure you take the right precautions and that you’re covered for when you are outside of the UK. Even hot countries have bike thieves! I’m covered with Bikmo Plus who include worldwide travel cover which is perfect if you frequently ride outside of the UK. You’ll get the same cover whether you’re home or abroad.

Bikmo Icon Black 400px   Bikes on cars are a red flag to would-be-thieves. Even if you’re covered from an insurance perspective, don’t leave them out in a built up area overnight, and make sure they’re locked to your rack when you’re on the move.

Bikmo Icon Black 400px   Look after your head! It was cool in the 80’s to go without but it’s the 21st century and you’ll be riding fast. Whether you go for a basic lid, or an aero model to shave off seconds, look for a minimum of EN1078 or Snell Foundation B90 or higher.


Bikmo Icon Black 400px   Take a phone with you while training. It’s a basic rule and we all use them but check your back pocket before you leave to make sure it’s there and charged. Whether you have a mechanical, or are involved in an accident, it’s the fastest way to call for help.

Bikmo Icon Black 400px   Get your bikes insured! As much as we look after our bikes, there’s always scoundrels who are out to steal them. Check the policies for cover during competitions, in transition areas, and travel cover. A policy with Bikmo Plus includes all this as standard

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