My first week of nearly 100% completion was spurred on by me signing up with a new coach, Chris Standidge. Change of direction in terms of the sessions I will be doing and gearing up to get fit and I hope to lose a few pounds to get me moving faster and enjoying what I am doing. Focus has moved to running and making time for the days I have away from home.

This week was also the first time I have got into the gym for 2 solid sessions for a while and after Friday, it actually took me until Sunday to feel completely fine with my inner thighs after the attempts at squats had to be reigned in. Amazing what muscles you don’t use and the injury you can cause with so little weight !

My SRM has also now been attached to my roadbike and giving me feedback on the weekends getting out. I never feel quite so bad doing 12 mph into the wind when you can see you are pushing 300 watts 🙂

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