After a lovely weekend in Euro Disney its back to the training and with the countdown to Wales hitting 5 weeks and moving swiftly downwards its a serious part of the season.

Euro Disney was a great distraction from work and training and was for Kellys birthday,

If there is anything I have learned over the last few years, the partner buy in is the most important part of your season and it doesn’t stop just because they said yes to you entering and training for the race, so a bit of lactic pain after a few days off is the least I could put up with.

Ironman Wales is on the 11th September and this provides me with a bit of focus for the next month or two, I have been ticking over the cycling and the Computrainer has come into its own time and time again, more about that in a bit.

Swimming has started to click, my 8 x 400m set last week was the first time I managed to ever complete all of them off 7 minutes and that was giving me a reasonable recovery.

My running which was going very well up to the wedding reception has taken a bit of slump, a week in London on a treadmill every other day and then the trip to see Mickey meant I hadn’t run properly for nearly 2 weeks, last week I jumped straight into an 11 mile steady run and have paid for it all weekend. Its easing now but with 2 big weeks coming up, I could well do with being fresher.

To the next 2 weeks, I have told my coach I am taking a week off work and to work around that and give me everything he thinks I can take, build in enough recovery to benefit at the same time, BAM !! – 2 biggest weeks of the year, a 20 hr and a 24 hr week. I am really looking forward to pushing myself and as a precaution have ordered a new bottle of XEndurance 🙂 I am not getting any younger, use what you can !

I am still having to travel but am working my training around the travelling and taking my trainers when I can and then working in the swimming in the evenings when I get back.

To my favourite piece of kit, the Computrainer, over the last 30 weeks I have used it just over 80 hours, thats over 2.5 hours per week usage, and I have been on honeymoon for 2 weeks, in London for 2 weeks and I travel each week for at least 2 days.

It just shows how useful it can be for the midweek recovery sessions, interval sets and longer rides when the weather is bad. Yes, I like the turbo and some don’t but the versatility of the different sessions means its not as boring as people make out. And doing a 2 hour session means my legs get a good 2 hours, no traffic lights, idiot drivers, rain, punctures 🙂 its not hard to see this as a useful tool in the triathletes armoury.

Onto the Computrainer and my CP20 tests, with the Ironman looming, doing all out tests hasn’t been top of my priority recently and with me riding for 4-6 hours at the weekend I can’t really give a good account of myself at this level of intensity while I am working on my endurance and strength. So with this in mind my approach for the rest of the years sponsorship will be this.

I’m concentrating on IM Wales from now til September 11th. I will still be using all the tools in my armoury to improve but I won’t have space for much testing.

I will then restart another 20 weeks PIG plan for the second time this year, this will take me past my years sponsorship with Simon and Computrainer but I love this turbo that much I will actually rent it from him for the duration of the 20 weeks after Xmas.

I will also commit to trying to follow the plan to the letter, the PIG guarantee is something I didn’t do to the letter in the first half of the year. I had interspersed the use with my own coaches training plan. Simon would have been willing to give me my money back if I had been a paying customer so this time I will show how strong that guarantee is by sticking to the plan.

One of the things that will affect this schedule slightly is that I have entered London Marathon for 2012, if I get in that will start the run training in October too, I hope to be a very fit bunny come March lol !!!

With less than 5 weeks to go the fun and games are about to start, bring the rain !!


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