So smack in the middle of taper we were invited to one of Kellys good friends to attend their wedding in Slovenia, it gave me the chance to chill and have a couple of runs in nice surroundings, I would have managed a swim as well if I hadn’t removed my goggles from the hand luggage whilst protesting to Kelly that it wasn’t my wetsuit that was making her dress smell of rubber !

When we got there we found it was that nice I might as well have left in the goggles as you didn’t need a wet suit.

We landed in Klagenfurt, home of IM Austria, after a quick hop across the border to Slovenia, I went out for a run round the lake, just the right size, 3.7miles around, did a couple of laps before we went to meet the others for a pre wedding drink.

Our hotel was superb, right on the side of the lake and under a lovely church

The wedding day was idyllic, weather fantastic, lots of lovely people, mininal drinking for me anyway, the couple had a great day, I have put a picture of them but as its not my wedding I can’t really be pasting loads of their pictures over the net, maybe they have a deal with Hello and I could be costing them millions 😉

To be honest nly being there for the short 3 days we decided to try to make the most of the last day which was travelling home so we drove early to Austria to have a lunch around the Maria Worth area of Klagenfurt which is on the lake they use for the event, shown below

Then Kel decided to get fancy with the camera and take us back to occupied Austria !

So short 3 day, 2 night trip, beautiful area, well worth visiting on bikes and using it for a base camp for a longer holiday but maybe next year.

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