With it being just over 2 months since I announced my intention to do IM Copenhagen I thought it best to at least update my build up over Autumn to where I am today.

Firstly, the main news for me, after being with Simon Ward for nearly 2 years and ending at Kona in 2012 I took a break to spend time with family and work pretty much every hour possible in between, not training for an ironman allows that type of freedom with weekends and spare time. So 2013 has been the year off as I did in 2010 with Teya and its definitely worth it.

Trying to come back in September was harder than I imagined, I attempted to piece together a few standard single discipline training plans into one triathlon plan. I think I restarted week 1 around 4 times, it just wasn’t getting me started into the level I was used to although it was certainly better than nothing.


After spending a few weeks stopping and starting (as you can see from my training week section on the blog) it’s become apparent that my reliance on answering to someone needs to be kick started again and I have now smet up with my new coach. Local triathlete Chris Standidge will be coaching me for the foreseeable and I hope help me get back to an even keel and aim squarely at a PB in Copenhagen, now its up to me to do the work.

I have started to track the weeks I do on Training Peaks and load them into my site under weekly training plans here.

Green is session completed, Yellow is session completed but either more or less time than set for me, red is session not done.


Training is going steady, apart from a blip 2 weeks ago with injury and a weekend away in Gent (explained here) its better than it was in September which is progress at least.


It was my birthday yesterday and I was blown away by the present from my wife, she had spent a month or two working on race t shirts and images that she had squirreled away over the last few years to create this


It spells the words ‘Anything is Possible’ which is the IRONMAN motto. Its built up of all of the key races and moments in my triathlon career from 2000. Love it.

So December is upon us, a week til the Stockport 10 and a few weeks from a yet to be finalized life changing event for us, news on that to follow this week but hopefully good news 🙂


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