20153d37-ccdd-456a-be87-8c3e5c70ff22Etixx Triple Action Energy+ Gel – A triathlete’s view.

New sports nutrition brand Etixx have recently launched their ‘Performance’ range products in the UK, as well as the Triple Action Energy+ Gel there are 4 other products including Energy Release (vitamin supplement), Triple Action Gel without Caffeine, Energy Load drink powder and their Energy bars.

The brand isn’t short of backing with well-known names such as Mark Cavendish’s Etixx – Quick Step cycling team and the successful Uplace-BMC Triathlon Team. Etixx have also gone down the ‘Informed Sport’ endorsed route, the products are tested against a huge range of substances to ensure they are clean and more importantly certified to contain no substances banned in today’s sport.

The gel itself comes in the standard 50g pouch and delivers 30g of carbs. I found them easy to open on both the bike and whilst running, the consistency of the gel also meant that it dispensed fully and with little fuss. Importantly, I had no issues with sticky residue while using on the bike or run which can get a little distracting in the heat of a race.

The triple action refers to the mix of 3 different carbohydrate forms, these are released at different times post consumption, this provides a sustained energy release over a longer period, its recommended that you take around 1-2 per hour to replace glycogen and maintain blood glucose concentration. This is less that the gels I have used previously potentially reducing the amount you need to carry.

The Etixx Energy+ gels also contain a mix of Ginseng aimed at promoting alertness, Vitamin C and 37.5mg of caffeine for that added kick during those long endurance events when you need it most towards the end of the run leg.

The taste of a gel can certainly be factor, with the stress of long distance events and the impact it can make to the digestive system, finding a suitable energy replacement product that is palatable can be key. Etixx provides the Energy+ Gel in Red Fruits flavour, this masks the taste to some extent. There is an initial sharp intake as they are pretty concentrated, reminded me of a taste of liquor after the first breath, a little overpowering, then it was gone. Once the first mouthful dissipated I had no issues with digestion or taste and certainly no stomach issues. I tried the gels on a number of sessions, both longer sustained effort and shorter harder sessions, and I also mixed this up with taking with or without water. Personally I prefer to swill water after a gel as I don’t want any lingering taste but the Etixx gel disperses pretty quickly and worked well for me.

For a triathlon I would also want to know if decanting the gel works as this is built into my race plan, I found that you don’t need much water to mix with due to the viscosity but it mixes well and the taste improves by reducing the concentration making them more attractive to eat which is a must for me after spending 5+ hours bent over my tri bars.

There are many gel products on the market and I haven’t found many that are ‘pleasant’ to take, the Etixx Energy+ Gels are certainly in the acceptable camp and they pack a real punch with slightly more caffeine that some gels on the market and a consistency that worked for me, in a race situation the lack of water on a course shouldn’t be an issue but in training I find there are limits around having to carry water on longer runs, using the Etixx gels eliminates this without moving to a specific Isotonic gel sachet which can add bulk.

If you don’t have an overly sensitive palette and are looking for a gel that delivers with minimal fuss then the Etixx gels are worth a try.




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