Last time I did this race was 2006, 21st then and because of the course change I have decided that the aim this time was to place higher as times are irrelevant.

Well, the course was tougher but just as enjoyable, well marshalled and a good challenge, as anyone who has raced here the run is a bitch and it never really gets any easier.

Swim 32.57 (inc T1) New wetsuit (2XU V1) was superb, felt comfy all the way round and only started to have issues at the end when I was fighting the water, should learn to relax into the final 400m

Bike 2.23.07 Found this tough but went all out as this is my strongest discipline at the moment, HR was just below 170 for the hills but still pushed for the rest of the flats and downhills

Run 1.35.21 (inc T2) This has been the hardest for me over the last 5 weeks as I have been ill after pushing too hard in a training 1/2 IM in April. The comparison shows in placings for the different disciplines, 7th fastest bike and 52nd fastest swim ;-(

Overall 13th MS 4.31.25

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