Goooood morning all, just waking up from a slightly uncomfortable sleep, sun burn and chafing all rolled into one made for a bit of a disturbed sleep.

So by all accounts that was one of the toughest days on the island, searing heat, brutal winds and very high humidity, it’s hard to comprehend this during the race, you really just think you are having a bad day, and towards the mid point on the run I really was.

Swim – this went as planned but boy, it was PHYSICAL this year, I know people are out there to win and place well but it was another level, animal like, no patience for the odd clash of arms or having to swim over legs to find water, people were kicking out HARD.

Checked watch at mid point, out to turn in 37 mins but back in 31 mins, big swell on way out. Happy with swim. Out in 1.08 and change.

Bike – I started conservatively, all going well, pace was at 21.7 as we got to Waikoloa, this is where the side winds and head winds started, people were riding at 20 degree sideways angles just to stay in a straight line. Fought the 17 mile climb to Hawi with hard head winds, the turnaround was a godsend, 40+ mph with side winds makes it a bit hairy.

This is where it went crazy, climbing up from Kawaihae was so hot and the winds were all over the place. When we turned onto the Queen K with 40 miles to go I was on for a 5.05 bike split at that point. Never, ever expect to plan your bike split here until you get to T2.

My back issues hadn’t affected me to this point but having to put all the drive down through my pedals meant my core was aching and I spent the last 30 miles in and out of the saddle trying to stretch my lower back. To come in on the same time as 2009 in those conditions was a great feeling.
Happy with bike. In on 5.29

Run – I took my time in T2, back needed a stretch, needed suntan cream, and wanted to start as fresh as possible.
I came out feeling good, I went straight for my goal HR of 155 and was cruising, the piccie below is at 2 miles and i felt great.

I got through to the Ali’i Drive turnaround and the heat was getting oppressive, all I wanted to do was walk, I was very proud of the fact that I didn’t walk all day unless I was at an aid station other than up Palani, that took some doing.

I got to the bottom of Palani and knew that I had a bagful of excuses to walk, I also knew that with 16 miles to go I might still go sub 12. It was at this point that I toughened up, shit this was depressing, I have never felt so bad in an ironman and I was contemplating walking for 16 miles, bollox, no chance. I wanted sub 11.

I worked so hard from here, my legs were in pain, whatever the aid stations were selling, I was buying. I didn’t want to leave this course with any regrets, and if I never come back here ( currently its not in my plans :-)) I don’t have any.

There were definitely points in the race that I thought I was letting myself down, that I should be better than this, but when you find out afterwards how tough the day was for everyone you realise that what everyone did to get thru yesterday at whatever finish time was awesome.

The supporters on the course in the darker moments on the Queen K is a bit sparse but you just think of the people racing on the course with you and the friends watching at home, that was a great lift, this is one of my greatest sporting finishes for many reasons and in the longer report I’ll probably go into more detail but let’s just say right now, if I hadn’t already entered Lake Tahoe I think I would retire right now !

And this is what it was all for.

Thanks to all supporters, you do really make a difference, slightly overwhelming the following I had yesterday but bloody brilliant to read afterwards, ta xx

To Kelly, Teya, Julie, Nick and Andy, our friends on the course, thank you so much for the shouts, finally, as always my lovely wife, couldn’t do it without your constant support thanks xxxxx

Location:Alii Dr,Holualoa,United States

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